1. “An Effective Compliance Program is the best defense against audits, fines, and penalties.”

Sharon J. Kasica, CCEP, CPCO

CEO, Healthcare Compliance Manager, LLC


iCompli offers the most efficient, cost-effective program for risk assessment and health care regulatory compliance!

Automatic updates help you stay in compliance with OIG requirements!

The Affordable Care Act (2010), section1866(j)(8) states: “A provider of medical or other items or services or a supplier shall, as a condition of enrollment in Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP, establish a compliance program that contains certain ‘core elements’.’’

Why do you need iCompli?

Because regulatory compliance is REQUIRED BY LAW!

    1. b. Compliance With Program Requirements

  1. “We proposed that, notwithstanding any relationships that the provider may have with other entities regarding provider- related activities, the provider maintains ultimate responsibility for compliance with all terms and conditions of its participation agreement with CMS”.

“We proposed to require that all contracts or arrangements between or among the provider, its participants and suppliers, and other entities furnishing services related to provider activities must require compliance with the provider’s obligations under its agreement with CMS”.


iCompli offers healthcare providers an effective compliance program built on the OIG’s Seven Elements of Effective Compliance.

On November 2, 2011 CMS and DHHS Office of Inspector General released an Interim Final Rule providing fraud and abuse waivers for providers that participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program with a requirement to establish a compliance program with certain “core elements”.

    1. iCompli PREVENTS, DETECTS and DETERS RISK, enabling you to remain in “good standing” with CMS/OIG