3. Training and Education

Continuously updated education modules for General Compliance, HIPAA Privacy and Security, Billing and Coding and CLIA. Includes: self-guided study material, quizzes, end-of-module Knowledge Assessment on compliance topics covered, record of test date, participant’s name & test score. Archived for auditable compliance education documentation. Participants receive e-mail notification when due to re-take the education module.

iCompli-ACO & ICompli-ACO Central Provide Compliance Peace of Mind!

An Effective Compliance Program built on the OIG’s “Seven Elements for Effective Compliance”.

Developed by a Certified Compliance Officer and Ethics Professional with over 25 years of health care and government affairs experience.

A cloud-based subscription...no additional technology or personnel resources needed!

Compliance in the Cloud




Effective Compliance for healthcare providers who are members of an Accountable Care Organization

Helps practice and network administrators implement, monitor and mitigate compliance on a daily basis

Program automatically updates any changes to laws and regulations at no additional cost

Prevents, detects and deters non-compliance, which is the best defense against RACs on “hunting expeditions”

Demonstrates a “good faith effort”, reducing fines and penalties in the event of a government audit

Significantly more cost-effective than hiring additional staff, compliance personnel or an attorney

Saves money through potential premium discounts of 5% -10% on physician liability insurance



Aligns with the OIG’s

Seven Elements of Effective Compliance:

1.Policies and Procedures

Includes model Policies and Procedures. Use as written or easily modify. Includes necessary forms, tools and resources for daily compliance management.

2.Compliance Structure

Provides forms and tools to create a Compliance Reporting Structure. Enables existing staff to manage day-to-day compliance requirements.

4. Effective Communications

Provides Alerts and Notifications, links to additional compliance training materials, posters and bulletins, and a quarterly iCompli-MD Newsletter to help keep your practice informed and updated.

5. Internal Monitoring and Auditing

Includes forms, tools and resources such as the Compliance Issue Log, Corrective Action Plan and Risk Assessment Tool to help you effectively manage compliance and audit requirements.

6. Enforcement of Standards

Includes guidance, forms, tools and resources necessary for supervisors to enforce compliance standards in a fair and consistent manner for all employees and business associates.

7. Prompt Response

Prompt response to non-compliance is your best defense against external audits which may result in fines and penalties.  iCompli-MD forms, tools and resources are just a “click” away, so you can respond to the risk quickly and appropriately.

NEW! iCompli-ACO Central provides each network member the same Effective Compliance features and benefits as iCompli-ACO!

Download a printable brochure to review features and benefits of iCompli-ACO/ACO Central at the link below:

$125/year per billing provider 
Practice support staff included at no additional charge. subscribe.html
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iCompi-ACO Central offers substantial savings by centralizing member compliance programs within

the ACO.

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